The substance was confirmed to be METHAMPHETAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE. The substance was weighted at 21 grams and has the street value of PHP 315,000.00.

28 June 2021

Suspected Methamphetamine Intercepted From a Basketball Thrown Inside Davao City Jail-Male Dormitory (DCJ-MD) Compound

Last June 26, 2021, during regular jail activity, duty searchers heard a loud thump coming from the roof of the jail facility; the said object then rolled off the roof, landing on the ground near the searching area. The said object was found to be a cut-up basketball containing an object securely wrapped with electrical tape.

Upon the instruction of the Warden, the Officer of the Day led the examination; six (6) sachets of white crystalline substance, suspected as Methamphetamine, were discovered. The said object was suspectedly thrown from a vacant lot located on the other side of the concrete fence in front of DCJ-MD but was caught by the net installed to intercept such tactics.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency was immediately informed about the incident for proper verification, tagging, and turnover of custody of the said suspected contraband. Further investigation will also be conducted to identify the violators and the supposed receivers of the items.

The BJMP will intensify security measures in the area and apprehend individuals that will be caught trying to sneak any contrabands inside the jail facility.

The BJMP will continue to be vigilant in securing our facilities to assure that all Persons Deprived of Liberty under our care will be detained according to the standards set about by the laws.